From the University, via National Education, to the use of the artistic medium in care: a journey

“The work of art finds its true being when it accesses an experience that transforms the one who made it. "

Hans Georg Gadamer.

At University I encountered my own perceptual sensitivity through the exploration of matter, and I discovered the infinity of possibilities offered by artistic mediums, as well as the invisible links between the inner world of artists and their creation.

Later teaching adolescents allowed me to perceive that I was touched by "the human in itself" and its unique singularity.

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It was a long journey before my discovery of INECAT (National Institute of Expression, Creation, Art and Transformation), which is run by Jean-Pierre Klein , a pioneer of art therapy in France.

This is where I grew up as an artistic mediator in supporting relationships and as an art therapist in supporting individuals. It was there that I discovered the ways to use artistic mediums in a relevant and singular way in order to enable a person to become involved in their own creative process - to "come into play" in the imagination of the person or the group.

I approached the "encounter", mine as an accompanist, but above all the one that is woven with the person I accompany, from production to production, in his transformation processes.

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In addition to the workshops related to my art; painting, earth, photography, writing, I followed and continue to follow a drama therapy workshop with Armand Volkas (psychotherapist and drama therapist in private practice, Director of the Support and Living Arts Center in Oakland).

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