What about Art Therapy ?

"I gradually understood that what I was painting resembled what was happening inside me"

Zao Wou-Ki

L'art est une façon indirecte d'exprimer des choses.


L'art thérapie nous met en contact avec notre plasticité à travers la matière.

On cherche, on trouve, on se trompe, on se perd, on se retrouve...

Bien mieux que les mots, elle nous enseigne ou nous rappelle que la vie est malléable.


Art therapy is a process of accompanying people who have difficult (psychological, physical, social or existential) situations through their artistic production. This subtle work takes place with discretion and with respect. The therapy or mediation allows one to project oneself into a work as an enigmatic message, or as a representation of oneself, and thus to work from production to production in transforming oneself or the group.

Art therapy sessions take place either in an institution, a community, a business, or at home.

Possibility of sessions by zoom or whatsap.

Generally individual, some sessions can accommodate 2 or 3 people maximum.

A session lasts 1h30 (excluding preparation and storage time), its cost is 45 € / person (material not included).

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